Matheny Enterprises delivers solutions for traders and investors through a range of solutions and partnerships. Our proprietary modeling and trading systems for Super-Cycles and specialized major trend cycles are available below. We also offer software development solutions for anyone seeking to create/deploy specialized automated modeling or trading solutions in a number of platforms.

Matheny Enterprises Solutions

Img is where our subscribers are kept aware of our detailed Super-Cycle research, market trends, trading examples, motivational tools and much more. It is the location where we deliver the tools and information for all entry and intermediate level traders/investors and support our members with content to keep them well ahead of the global market trends.
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Img is dedicated to supporting algo traders and developers using eSignal or AlgoTerminal in finding and developing suitable solutions for automated trading and price modeling solutions. It is dedicated to helping a small group of skilled developers and individuals wanting to build completely automated trading solutions.
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MENT LiveTrades

MENT Live Trades is a completely automated trading solution where our members can access hundreds of trading signals and various modeling tools instantly. The results of our custom trading algos are presented for our members to identify new trade signals, track trend following signals and source new opportunities for great trades.
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